A Letter to the Mom who Dreads Wearing a Swim Suit

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Dear you,

You who are self-conscious getting into a swim suit. 

You who are self-conscious when having to go to the beach or pool. 

You who sits out and watches your kids makes memories. 

I want you to know some things:

You might not believe me but it’s true — You. Are. Beautiful. 

Yes, even if you have a your mommy tummy, stretch marks, flabby belly, saggy skin, jiggly arms, or can’t stand the number on the scale. 

Hear me out. Please. 

Your kids don’t care about your C-section pouch, your love handles, or the baby weight you just can’t seem to lose. They don’t see any of that — they only see you. And I mean the real you: your heart and soul. The love you give them, the kindness you show them & the joy you exude in your moments together. THAT is what makes you beautiful. It’s what makes us all beautiful.

After all, isn’t that what we try to tell our kids anyway? That’s because it’s real; it’s the truth. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Don’t let anyone make your feel differently. 

So, as swimsuit season officially begins with beaches and pools opening, just remember your kids love YOU, and you should love you too.

That means getting into a swim suit — or whatever swimwear you feel comfortable in — and joining in on the fun. Make memories. Have fun. Give love — to your kids and to that amazing mom bod of yours. 

I’m rooting for you!


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  1. Love this! This is a message that a lot of moms need to hear.