5 Life Lately Updates

1. Mother's Day

Over the weekend, I celebrated all of the moms in my life and my guys celebrated me. Sunday was a rainy day so we made sure to get outdoors on Saturday.

family, mother's day, mother's day 2019

2. Work-from-home days

I never really officially announced that I've been working from home a couple days a week. It is really nice knowing I don't have to leave my boys those days and also quite challenging getting work done while home with them. I am so happy for the time, though, and I know they are too.

3. Home Decor

It has taken us quite some time to fully decorate our home. I think we've been hesitant since a part of us feels like this might not be out forever home. But I decided, stay or move (not for a while lol), we have to finish decorating! The living room decor is now complete with bay window shelving.

bay windows, bay window, bay window shelf, bay window shelves, bay windor decor

4. Countdown to a special trip

We are headed out of town in a few weeks and it's to a super special place. My husband surprised me with the location because he knows it's near and dear to my heart and I've been saying I want to go there. I am so excited to finally introduce the boys to one of my *happy* places! (There was your clue!)

5. C h a n g e

April showers have carried into May...All the rain has meant the spring blooms have not disappointed. Changing weather and seasons always brings upon thoughts of change for me... Does it do the same for you?

spring blooms, cherry blossoms, spring flowers

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