Our Days are Bananas

This post is sponsored by Baby Boxy but all opinions are my own.

Hi, hello there Monday! Nice to see you ... and you all, too! I know to many people Mondays are hectic and yes, they can be for us, too. But if I'm being honest many of our days are hectic. 

A year ago, we'd wake up at 4:30AM, leave our house at 5:30AM and get home around 8PM. That would leave us little down time to unwind. We'd watch a couple shows, if that, climb into bed, and do it all over again. Oh, and I was pregnant at the time so those long days were not the easiest for me at times.

After our second baby was born, we realized we wanted to slow down a bit lot more. Maternity leave helped us to do that. And while we have improved our quality of life since our crazy 4:30AM wake ups, our days are still bananas -- but in the best possible way now!

Our toddler and our baby, who's steps away from being a toddler, keep us on our toes every minute of every day. I've told you how becoming a mom to two under two was a bit overwhelming. And while we've definitely found our rhythm, it's still challenging at times. But I think it always will be and that's okay -- that's parenthood, and quite frankly, life for ya. 


Work-wise, I juggle my full-time job (my commute for which is three hours roundtrip!) along with  my MOM projects. My work days are kind of unconventional as a result. Sometimes I have evening or weekend events to attend, or photos to shoot, which I mostly do on my days off. Thankfully, my husband shoots most of my content and my kids are included in some of it so it's a family affair and we still get to spend that time together. I like to think that an upside of my busyness with work is I am setting a good example for my kiddos.

All of that being said, I wouldn't ever trade our days for calm days. 
These have been my most favorite days. 

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