A Monday Poem for Moms

Today is Monday. As I've said many times, I believe Mondays are good, get things done, fresh start days. I wake up and feel refreshed and renewed... even if I'm tired. It probably has to do with my optimism but I really think starting the week on a positive note sets the tone for the week. 

I also know some moms are going back to work after spending the weekend with their little loves, others staying home with the kids while their partners go to work, and some who do a mixture of the two.

For all you mama, whatever your situation may be, here is my wish for your day and week:

My Monday Wish for Your Week

May your stress be low,

your energy high.

May your guilt be none

And you find grace because you try.

May the tears be few, 

the laughs many.

May the clouds be scarce,

the day sunny,

May the tantrums be short, 

the naps long,

... & your coffee strong.

CHEERS to the new week!

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