My 2019 Goals

It’s back to work for me today after two weeks off! I almost feel the first day of work jitters.. My office was fortunately  closed for a week and a half in honor of the holidays and to give time for self care before jumping back into the new year. (Yes, I’m fortunate  to be working there!) Then I took a two extra days because family was in town from Michigan. 

I also took quite some time off from my blog and social media. That’s because I wanted to soak up my time with my husband, kids and family. Since I’m back to the grind today, it seems fitting to also publish my first post of the new year. 

Let’s dive right into what last year taught me and what my hopes are for this year!
2018 taught me that life is a precious gift, to appreciate my loved ones and to value their presence.
I’ve taken those lessons with me into 2019, playing close mind to them as I set my goals (instead of resolutions):

  • Be more present, which includes no/very limited cell phone use in front of the kids in the evenings and on weekends.  
  • Take time for a self care activity at least once a month. 
  • Vacation more this year (ideal # is 3). 
  • Be more patient, enjoy the little moments and snuggle my boys everyday. 
  • Have more fun! Do more activities that bring myself and my family joy. 

  • Grow my audiences on my blog and Instagram. 
  • Make X amount via content creation. 
  • Improve my photography and videography skills. 
  • Shoot with my Nikon at least once a month. 
  • Attend a blogging event and network with NYC/ Long Island creators.  

I am in a state of wonder about what the year will be like — it feels like a year is so long and yet somehow every December we’re wondering how it went so quickly — but also very intent on enjoying the moments as they happen.

2019, please bring peace and joy and good health to us all!

Do you set new year goals or resolutions? What are some of yours? 

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  1. I love how intentional your goals are! Here is to a successful 2019!