Motherhood is Messy

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When I was a little girl, I loved playing “Mommy” to my dolls. I always knew I wanted to be a real life mommy one day. Now that I am a mom, I admire my own mom so much more.
Motherhood is hands-down the best and most challenging experience I’ve encountered. There is nothing like it.

The love and happiness is unmatched. Heck, sometimes I think my heart could actually burst with how much love I feel. There is, however, no how-to handbook or model rules. No two days are the same and each child and each relationship with each child differs, as well. I pretty much learn as I go and hope my kids realize I am trying my best.

 If I am being honest, I am pretty hard on myself (in many aspects of life). Most nights, I silently promise myself and my kids I will try harder the next day -- to be more patient, to stay off my phone more, to check my emails less. A lot of times I vent to my husband or mom and they often make me feel much better.

Still, there are times I feel like a mess, and probably look like one, too… My emotions are all over the place -- happy, sad, upset, defeated, elated, amazed and in love. My wardrobe while home consists of sweats and t-shirts… many times covered in spit up. My hair is almost always in what’s been dubbed the “mom bun.” And I lose count of the number of diapers I change and/or trips to the potty I take in a day.

Mealtime is messy, too. When my toddler was younger, he would fling food from his high chair. That is something I am not looking forward to with our baby. These days, there are the struggles of figuring out what to feed my toddler for lunch and dinner. (Breakfast is the meal for which he has the widest pallet.) If I ask him, he will almost always request chicken nuggets or pizza. Both really healthy, I know. And if we try to put a vegetable on his pizza or as a side with his chicken, it will be taken off or put to the side. He’s witty. So I am constantly wondering how I could make vegetables seem more appealing to him.

During and after meal times, I am often sweeping up crumbs, reminding my toddler to wipe his face and hands, and cleaning up messes. Toddlers aren’t the neatest, in case you were wondering. Recently we used Vanity Fair® Extra Absorbent Napkins. They are surprisingly thick and soft. In fact, they are more absorbent than paper towels (when compared to the leading mid-tier paper towel brand)! I’ll take all the help I can get when it comes to keeping mealtime mess-free. Thankfully, mealtime with my little ones is a breeze with these napkins on hand.

 As for my own personal experience with the messy side of motherhood, I am learning to accept it as common and embrace it with open arms.
I know that even just caring about my kids’ happiness, teaching them things, and cleaning up their messes-- makes me a good mom.


  1. It's kind of amazing how much we can learn to love the mess that our favorite little people bring along with them!

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