Christmas Photos 2018 — Sneak Peek + the Phrase I Used to Get my Toddler Excited for Photos

This year, we were fortunate to have our Christmas photos taken by my sister-in-law Ashley Bellis Photography. When she reached out about including the boys in her Christmas minis ad, I was ecstatic! The shoot went much better than I anticipated. It was pretty cold for the time of year on the day we took them but both boys cooperated so well.

R had been in and out of naps, which you can kind of tell due to his mug, but he’s flashing his gummy smile in a lot of the photos, too. S wanted to run around with his cousin but I told him “We’re taking pictures for Santa!” so that got him more excited for the photos.

It’s becoming our little tradition to take photos for our Christmas card each year and I’m enjoying it. It gives us Christmas card material but also a way of documenting that time in our lives. Here are our Fall 2017 family photos.

I’m just sharing a sneak peek and some behind-the-scenes photos for now since our Christmas cards haven’t gone out yet. Here they are:

Do you get family holiday photos taken?

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