Our Michigan Visit — Fall 2018

Happy Monday. We’re battling colds, potty training and daylight savings time adjustments. We just recently got back from visiting my husband’s family in Michigan and let me tell you — 6AM flights with two babies is not for the faint of heart. We were all SO tired when we got back on Saturday and pretty much slept on and off the whole day.

We stayed in Michigan for a week— the longest I’ve gone for and which was a good amount of time to visit family, do some sightseeing and not feel rushed. We got to celebrate our niece’s birthday, see the foliage at its peak, visit Bronner’s (largest Christmas store in U.S.), celebrate my husband's Halloween birthday, get Culver’s (their cheese curds are so yum!), visit Ann Arbor a couple of times ANd get Christmas photos taken by my talented sister-in-law Ashley Bellis Photography (just wait til you see them!).

As for the foliage I mentioned, here is photographic proof of just how beautiful it was:

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  1. I just love Michigan! I spent so much time there growing up!