First Ever Q + A

Happy November!

Fall has certainly arrived here in Michigan and back home in New York. The temperatures have been chilly and foliage is slowly changing. I love this time of year! It's proof that change and letting go (of leaves, old clothes, people not good for you, etc.) can be more than okay and actually good.

As for change, there have been changes in my personal life, professional life, blog and social media strategies over the year. Just recently, I shared a piece unlike anything I've written. Today, I'm doing it again sharing my very first Q+A post. It seems fitting to share on the first of this month :)

A few months ago, I invited questions about things that that people wondered about me. These are five of my most asked questions and my answers to them:

What made you decide to go to law school?

I wanted to go to law school for as long as I can remember. My dad and his law enforcement career was a major influence and the reason I became interested in criminal justice. My high school's law program cemented my interest in the law and law school so I worked toward that goal all throughout college.

What was your undergrad major?

I actually had two majors and a minor -- Crime, Law and Justice (BA), Public Relations (BA) and Sociology (minor). Thanks to my AP and pre-college credits, I entered Penn State one semester ahead. That gave me the flexibility to take on another major and my minor intertwined with both majors wonderfully (I did not have to take many extra classes for it). I decided to major in PR because I enjoyed communications and to provide a non-law school alternative should I be unable to or decide not to attend law school.

What was the biggest difference (pregnancy or post) the second time around?

The biggest difference was how I felt during pregnancy --both physically and emotionally. I was so very tired in the begining just as I was first time around. But the second time around, I could not just sleep after work. I wanted to spend time with my toddler! I think my lack of energy and sleep were contributing factors to me also feeling sicker.
Emotionally, I was a wreck. I wanted to give S a brother but then felt bad I was taking attention away from him and scared they'd be competitive and worried the new baby would live in S' shadow. As irrational as it might seem, (1) dealing pregnancy hormones is difficult and (2) my concerns were based on real-life experiences I've witnessed or have been told about. All that being said, I love being a mom to my two babies. I would do it 100 times over. I have always wanted more than one child and do not regret my decision at all.
Postpartum physically hurt more (my first C-section hurt so much less!) but emotionally, it was a lot better the second time around. I knew what the baby blues were and I had a feeling I might experience them when my hormones plummeted. There was a day I felt really down in the dumps. I recognized I was feeling really unhappy out of seemingly nowhere. I just sat cried at my kitchen island, telling my husband that I just had to let it out. (Our adjustment to parents of two was way easier than when we first became parents, too) I think this is a good example of how education and knowledge is so important. I believe it helped me to be able to recognize my baby blues symptoms. As a result, I was able to acknowledge them for what they were, express how I felt to someone I trust, and deal with them in a way I thought would help me. (I am not a therapist or doctor nor do I claim to be. This is individual opinions, and not meant to convey professional medical or mental health advice. This is not about depression or suicidal thoughts. If you or someone you know may be suffering from postpartum depression, contact a doctor. If you are having dangerous thoughts, contact help immediately. The  National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1 (800) 273-8255.)

What are some tips to reach 100K blog views?
It took me quite a bit longer than some to reach 100K views but I am proud of the milestone. I think everyone has their own unique way of reaching it. For me, I share, share, share! I share my blog posts on my blog and personal (sometimes) Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin, and Pinterest (not as much as I should). I try to engage with readers and commenters as much as possible.But I think the #1 reason I capture an audience is my authenticity. I write from my heart. I try not to be judgmental. I invite discussion.

How did you handle the toddler and newborn phase?
Long story short, a lot of grace, love and 1-2 cups of coffee a day (no wine for this sober mama). I let go of expectations and accepted having little control over how the days go and I learned patience is truly a virtue and was key to feeling in control over my emotions.


In the spirit on Halloween, here is a photo of us from yesterday:

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