10 Uplifting Phrases

The news has been so grim lately. Mass shooting after mass shooting with no policy changes, racist rhetoric, division... it seems like the world is changing for the worse. Or perhaps people are now emboldened to show who they truly are. I’m not sure and I don’t know which is worse. I do know as an optimist, I find ways to counter negativity. It helps me to feel better. Today, I hope to help you if if you are feeling down for whatever reason by sharing 10 random uplifting phrases of mine:

  1. The sun always rises, signaling a beautiful new beginning day after day. 
  2. You are loved by someone somewhere. 
  3. Smiling makes you happier... so smile today. 
  4. Alone, I am strong. Together, we are stronger. 
  5. Love yourself; then you can truly love others. 
  6. Sunshine beams happiness, rain = coziness. 
  7. Listen to yourself—you know yourself better than anyone else. 
  8. Stop waiting. Start doing! There’s no better time than now. 
  9. You are uniquely you. 
  10. You are alive and that’s a wonderful gift.