Try-On Tuesdays: Fall Tops/Sweaters

Welcome to another week of my try-on series!

A few weeks ago, I had a lot of fun trying clothes on for a project I worked on. As you can tell from the photos, my toddler had a lot of fun, too. We danced and laughed. I took photos and asked opinions. Since it's now October I thought it'd be a good time to share these fall tops and sweaters.

Here are the poll results and what I decided on the pieces:

Plaid Peplum Button-down

There was a tie! I wanted to like this top but did not think it did much for me so I left it at the store.

Criss Cross Reversible Sweater

The vast majority of pollers liked this top. I loved it so I bought it!

Criss Cross Sleeve Oversized Sweater

I was a bit surprised more of you didn't like this one. I think it's because it's roomy but that's sort of what I liked most about it. I could just picture it over leggings in the fall. I loved it so I bought it!

Pink Bell-Sleeved Top

I did not ask for opinions because 1) I didn't think to and 2) I thought I'd buy it regardless. I kind of loved it but was a bit on the fence. I did decide to buy it, have worn it for a photo shoot, and I'm happy I did because I really like it!


I spilled that this kimono was originally $90 but I got it for $23. It is Free People and while I can't find it online, this kimono is similar. I think it's a good summer and fall piece.

This was a lot of fun so I plan to do more in the future! Thanks for your opinions :)

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