Real Talk About My #Sponsored/ #Ad Work

When I first launched my Instagram account as a passion project, I am not sure I intended for it to be what it’s become (also a source of income)—partly because I didn’t know it could and partly because I didn’t think it could. 

Here is where I say to you: take that chance you've always wanted to! You never know what good can come of it.

I know from the outside, it might seem like I’m just pushing products on Instagram and sometimes on here, so I want to take time to explain and be clear: my blog and my Instagram account were started and remain ways to connect women and moms, and frankly everyone seeking 

to be empowered, 

to relate, 

to feel happy, 

to be yourself. 

I try to be authentic 100% of the time. And that means I choose which projects to work on and which products to advertise. I never sponsor something I don’t believe in or trust. And I still try to keep it personal and be myself along the way by offering non-sponsored writing and personal tidbits in my sponsored work. 

I hope you understand and even enjoy visiting my feed.

If you do enjoy being on my feed, consider following along. If you follow me and/or like my photos, thanks for supporting me and sticking with me. It is very much appreciated!

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