4 Ways to Prepare your Toddler for a New Baby

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Having a baby is a big change. It’s therefore no surprise a toddler will be affected by the change from only child to older sibling. Here are four ways I think you can help prepare your toddler in his or her transition to big sibling:

1. Read big sibling books

Incorporate big sibling discussion into story time! Explain what a baby is and that you are having one. Explain that your toddler was once a baby who is now becoming a big sibling. Though it seems complex for them to understand, they are listening and know more than we think they do. Some of our favorites are (the following are affiliate links from which I will profit if a purchase is made) :

2. Explain there's a baby in your belly.

Talk about the new baby. Explain that the baby in your belly (or elsewhere if you are not carrying the new baby) will eventually be in your arms. Forge a relationship between your toddler and your belly and the baby inside. Ways to do this are to encourage belly rubs, belly kisses and feeling baby movements. You can also use a doll to mimic the new baby and start showing your toddler how to hold, feed and play with a baby.

3. Spend alone time with your toddler because their time, and your attention, will eventually be shared.

A couple weekends before our baby was born, we decided on a whim to go to a play space with S so he could have some fun time with just the two of us. I am so glad we decided to do this because the baby arrived sooner than my due date. Other ways to spend time together are by going for walks together, to the playground together, doing crafts, and if you can, going on a little getaway to give your toddler undivided attention.

4. Show your toddler love.  

Your toddler might not fully comprehend "I'll love you just as much. You're my baby, too." They will feel your love, though. Give it freely and fully. Hold them and hug them. Smother them with smooches. I’m not saying your relationship with your toddler will drastically change but there will probably be a change in its dynamic so soak up your one-on-one time!

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  1. Spending time with them is so important - I also made a point to do that when the baby was born - during naps or when someone else was holding him.