30 Things to do in my 30's

Instead of making a list of specific things I would like to accomplish in my 30s (like my 30 under 30 list), I am instead making a more generic list of 30 things I would like to do in my 30s:

  1. Continue traveling with the boys.
  2. Save more money.
  3. Spend an extended period of time somewhere.
  4. Visit cities, states and countries I've never been to.
  5. Try new foods.
  6. Love, even when I am upset.
  7. Forgive, even when I am hurt.
  8. Read more books.
  9. Carve out more time for self care.
  10. Make exercise a habit again.
  11. Eat veggies often.
  12. Continue wishing on a star.
  13. Keep dreaming BIG.
  14. Practice self love everyday.
  15. Be as good of an influence on the boys as I can be.
  16. Read to and with the boys more.
  17. Have dance parties in our living room at any random moment.
  18. Appreciate everyday with my family.
  19. Savor the little moments, the big moments and all the moments in between.
  20. Continue being optimistic.
  21. Write, write, write.
  22. Rid myself of negative energy.
  23. Buy more flowers... even if I don't have a green thumb.
  24. Continue being involved in public service.
  25. Work from home.
  26. Pay it forward whenever possible.
  27. Practice more patience.
  28. Do something that scares me, i.e. in my 20's I went sky diving. 
  29. Teach my kids and husband Spanish.
  30. Be the mom my kids deserve.

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