Try-On Tuesdays: End of Summer Date Night Outfit

Trying on clothes has not always been fun. When I was younger, I used to pick apart my body if I did not like how a clothing item fit and I'd compare myself to other girls in the dressing room. Fast forward many years, two children, and two pregnancies and C-sections later, and I feel the best I have in a while. I no longer critique my body the way I used to. I find pieces that flatter my figure and quite frankly, I'm proud of my body. Sure, I have a bit of a saggy belly but I generally like the way I look!

Due to your participation in my recent Instagram story polls, I decided I'd share the results and what I ultimately decided. So, welcome to the first week of my new Try-On Tuesdays series!

Outfit #1: Ruffled Dress

This was my original outfit pick. In my head, the dress looked better on, wasn’t as loose and was a tad bit longer. If I lifted my arms, I’d flash my goodies. So, this was a no. 

Outfit #2: OTS Floral Romper

I wanted to love this romper more. It flattered me in the stories but when I put it on a second time, it went from flattering to frumpy real quick. It was baggier than it seemed at first so it, too, was a no. 

Outfit #3: Loose Top w/ Ripped Jeans

This was my easiest no of the bunch. I felt like it did nothing for me (but hide my future food baby lol). 

Outfit #3: Peplum Top w/ Ripped Jeans

This was a favorite of yours and mine. I felt the most comfortable and thought it flattered my body the most. I’ve worked hard (eating well-wise... I still need to get into an exercise routine) this postpartum period so I don’t want to hide my body. This was MY PICK! ✅

What do ya think?

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