The Prospect of Moving

Recently, the prospect of moving upstate came up.

On the outside, I played it cool. On the inside, I was f r e a k i n g out. I love being near family and don’t want to move far away from them. We moved back from Chicago so we could live near them and have their support, especially for our kids (and boy, have they been a big help from babysitting to helping with our moves)... I also don’t want to move to a colder climate. There has to be palm trees to get me to move away again (kinda kidding, kinda not).

Still, I decided I would be supportive and could see the pros of moving. I’m an optimist, remember?

A surprising concern of mine was brought to light during this time: my growing love for where we’ve moved and currently live meant I didn’t really want to leave. We’ve had such a great experience in our short time living here. We’ve made plans. We’ve met new friends. I am finally starting to feel like this is home. (I probably have maternity leave to thank for it because I’ve been able to really explore and appreciate the area during my time off.) And then, there’s our house! We’ve made it our home and already it holds some of my favorite memories.

Ultimately, the prospect of moving made me realize that I love where we live... genuinely and without having to consciously choose to. It’s been some time since I’ve had that feeling (since Chicago to be exact). It feels so good to have it again.

In case you are wondering, I'm happy to tell you we are staying put!

*Check out my post about what three things you should discuss if you are thinking of moving.

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