A Special Thanks to All of You

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Sunflower Photo Shoot sneak peek - you can see the rest in my blog post tomorrow

Thank you -- to you and you and each and every one of you who is reading.

Due to your support of my blog and social media, I was able to extend my maternity leave to be about one month longer than my leave after having my first child. You are probably wondering how you have personally helped me.

Well, my job offers a step-down (pay decreases week-by-week) partially paid family leave. The first eight weeks are paid but the remainder is unpaid. I decided when I was pregnant that I would like to take at least 16 weeks. It is how many weeks I deemed would be necessary for me to feel comfortable leaving my second baby and going back to work. (Due to our family situation at the time, our first baby was lucky enough to have my husband home for the first nine months.)

Your support helped me to land some pretty amazing projects that enabled me to still contribute financially while I was on leave. And so, today I go back to work. It is not without anxiety and sadness but it is with much less anxiety and sadness.

I owe much of that to my extra time at home ...and also to Abby's lesson on perspective.

Happy September and kind of unofficial fall, everyone!


  1. I love this! I am so glad you were able to do this!

  2. What a special gift it is to be able to stay home with your baby. Congratulations on building your blog to that point!

  3. So glad you were able to do this! I know I still remember my maternity leaves as some of the sweetest times and I was so thankful to have them.