The One Morning Routine Change That Has Given me More Energy

Maternity leave after having my first baby was exhausting. I lost so much sleep staying awake while the baby slept to make sure he was still alive... not kidding. I would watch him breathe or awake at any odd breath or movement.

The second time around, I knew newborns have unusual breathing patterns. So, I did not really lose sleep over his breathing. However, I did lose a lot of sleep do to cluster feeding in the beginning. I'm talking 3.5 hour feeds in the middle of the night.

It was so hard.

Add in my energetic toddler and mornings were brutal. I could barely keep my eyes open. But breakfast had to be made, my toddler had to be entertained and my new baby had to tended to. Life with two under two was really difficult in the beginning. Thank goodness my husband had two weeks off (I think it really should be longer but moms don't even get guaranteed paid leave so..); thank goodness for my mom who is very helpful; and thank goodness for the end of cluster feeding.

Even when the cluster feeds ended, though, I was still tired. I'd either stay up way too late after the boys went to sleep or my toddler would fight bedtime until midnight and I had to wake shortly thereafter to breastfeed my baby.

So, the morning exhaustion continued.

Then, one day I decided I was going to take both boys out for the first time (to somewhere other than a playground) by myself. I woke up, made breakfast, fed my toddler, fed my baby who then fell asleep to nap and I hopped into the shower.

Little did I know, that would change my energy completely. You see, prior to then, I would shower at night and skip the morning shower because mornings felt too hectic and like I said, my energy level was way down. I felt defeated almost immediately after getting out of bed.

Showering in the morning: 
1. Literally wakes me up
2. Makes me feel so much more energized
3. Helps me feel more put together 

I felt ready to conquer the day after stepping out of the shower. And so, now before going out with the boys, I try my best to hop in the shower if I have a few minutes to do. I have felt such a shift in my energy level since doing this.

What gives YOU energy in the morning?

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