I Received a Compliment on my Bump...2 Months Postpartum

I received a comment on the below Instagram photo I recently shared complimenting my cute belly/bump. To be honest, I deleted the comment (primarily because I did not want others who were quickly passing by my feed to think I’m expecting). BUT I didn’t feel too badly about the comment. 

You see, the photo was taken less than two months postpartum and I understand and appreciate my body much more now. So thanks but no thanks to the person but also, it’s okay you thought I had a belly. I’m okay with having a little belly right now. 

I’m proud of my body. It will always have some reminders of child birth (#1 being my c-section scar) and that’s beautiful. 

One day, my kids will become independent. I’ll hold them less and less and then eventually, they won’t even live with me. 

My body will always serve as a sweet reminder that some time ago I held them very close and grew them to the best of my ability in my belly for 9 months so they could be born into this world. 

For those reasons and more, love ya, bod!

*Also, please let this serve as a gentle reminder not to comment on others’ bodies unless you are being kind, certain they are expecting, or they’ve invited compliments/critique.*

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