Happy World Breastfeeding Week

To the mom who is proud of her body for nourishing her baby, I too am in awe. 

To the mom who feels/felt guilty for not breastfeeding, I know the feeling. 

To the mom who’s been awake in the middle of the night while breast feeding for 3.5 hours, I know the exhaustion. 

To the mom who doesn’t want to try breastfeeding again because of how badly it hurt the first time, I get it. 

To the mom who is touched out, I understand. 

To the mom for whom formula was the best option, I’ve been there. 

To the mom who looks forward to the cuddles during nursing sessions, I do, too. 

To the mom who didn't breast feed for whatever reason, I’m with you. 

To the breast feeding mom, you’re an amazing mom. To the formula feeding mom, you’re an amazing mom. We're all amazing moms. Because we love our babies, because that’s what matters most and because fed is best

I personally remember feeling badly whenever I saw breast feeding posts because I wanted so badly to experience it for much longer with my firstborn. To be able to do so this time around has sort of filled that hole for me and it’s made me appreciate my body even more. 

It’s also helped to create a special bond with my second born, something I was afraid (thanks to pregnancy hormones) wouldn’t happen. I truly believe that's one of the reasons it’s worked out this time.

So, if you’re feeling badly like I was, remember that you and your body are still amazing! And if you’re proud like I am, appreciate your amazing body! 

We're all amazing moms.


I’ve been on both sides of feeding and therefore couldn’t acknowledge World Breastfeeding Week and the amazing experience that breast feeding is without also acknowledging that it’s a difficult process and every mother’s own decision. 

Read about my formula-feeding experience here.

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