Back to School Sales = Nostalgia

High School Graduation Photo

I pretty much always enjoyed school. I enjoyed learning, looked forward to socializing and was setting my goals and planning my future from a pretty young age. I guess it's therefore not surprising that I miss school a bit. To some, it might sound crazy. 

After all, I completed four years of undergrad followed by three years of law school so there was no shortage of learning for me. Still, I miss the hustle and bustle, challenge and sitting down to research and write and learn from brilliant professors and classmates. I especially miss college and all of the experiences that came with it. Seeing back to school sales certainly makes me nostalgic.

Due to my law school loans, I will not be going back to school anytime soon ever. As for my toddler, he does not start school for a few years but I am getting ready to get back to work from maternity leave so we're sort of feeling the "back to school" vibes in our household.

It's no secret that Amazon is our go-to for online shopping. With the Prime option, we're able to get last minute things pretty quickly. I know a lot of you are reliant on Amazon, as well. 

So, skip the store, avoid the lines and head to Amazon for amazing savings on Kleenex, Scott, Cottonelle and Viva back to school essentials! Shop smart for back to school by saving up to $3 plus 15% on those brands. 

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  1. I finished grad school last year, so I'm done for the time being. But I really miss school supply shopping. It's weird, but I really enjoyed it.