So, You're Having a Boy

This post is for all the moms of boys, perhaps especially those who were wishing for girls.

Before we found out our first baby's sex when I was pregnant, I had a nightmare and in it, my main concern was the well-being of my baby boy. Something about that nightmare and the powerfulness of it told me I was having a boy. I just felt it was a sign. I started preparing myself on my Pinterest baby board, which had mainly girly things, and got to pinning baby boy-related pins. Lo and behold a few months later, we found out he was a boy.

(I had a dream during my second pregnancy, too, but it confused me. In it, my mom told me I was having a girl — but I was upset in reaction to her news. I wasn’t sure whether that meant the baby was a girl and I was simply upset because I wanted another boy, or that the baby was a boy.)

Of course, when I found out I was having my first boy I wondered whether I would still be able to do some of the things moms and baby girls can do. As a boy mom, I'm here to tell you, yes you can:

1. You can co-sleep and cuddle with your baby boy.

2. You can match outfits with your baby boy.

3. You can bathe with your baby boy.

4. You can go shopping with-- and even ask advice of (haha)--your baby boy.

5. Most importantly, you will bond with him and love him endlesy, and he will love you. That's what matters most, right? Not what sex or gender he is but that he is your child and you are his mom, for life.

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