Celebrate the Dads

Celebrate the dads. 

The dads who are there for their kids with open arms and open hearts.

Who build makeshift forts out of bed sheets.

Who carry both their babies out of the car.

Who cook, clean and do laundry and dishes.

Who wipes tears and makes the kids belly laugh.

Who climb into bed to help his toddler fall asleep.

Who climbs into the kiddie pool to play with his kiddo.

Who put their kids first day in and day out.

I'm lucky to not only know but to have married such a man. We are not perfect - he's not perfect, and neither am I. But we work well together. And we love our kids fiercely. Seeing him as a dad has made me fall in love with and appreciate him SO much more.

I'm lucky enough to have a great dad, as well. He is my biggest fan and champion and who gives us all his all. He is truly a gem. I am so grateful for your unwavering support and guidance.

Hope you all had a great day celebrating the dads in your lives, too!

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