Why Bath Time is Special + 5 Safety Tips

This post is sponsored by Regalo but all opinions are my own. 

Bath time is special in our household. It’s usually a family event — with one parent bathing S and the other stopping in to see how much fun he’s having and sometimes even a bath together with one of us. Fortunately, S has enjoyed baths since he was a newborn. 

My parents say I was a huge crier and that they would literally shut the windows so neighbors wouldn’t think something was wrong because I would wail all bath long, every bath. Thankfully, R is more like his brother than like me during bath time. 

Of course, bath time can be fun but safety is most important. Here are a few of my own personal safety tips:

1. Never leave your children unattended in the bath tub. 

2.  Always test the water temperature before putting children inside the tub. 

3.  Use safety items, such as the Regalo faucet cover and Regalo bath tub handle, to prevent injury and slips/falls. 

4.  Use a mat, such as the Regalo bath kneeler pad, to kneel on to prevent from slipping and injuring while bathing children. 

5. To prevent mold in bath toys, squeeze the water out of them and place them in a ventilated area, such as the Regalo toy scooper/net, to air dry.

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