Married ... and Moved in With my Parents

Before my husband and I bought our home, we rented an apartment, which I discussed a couple weeks ago. Before that...we lived with my parents in their home. Luckily, they had a semi-separate living space so we had some privacy but we were still in close quarters.

We moved in with them when we moved back to Brooklyn from Chicago the summer of 2015. We planned to save up, which we did, and buy a house. During that time, we were also expecting our first baby and knew we'd have to make a move.

While we eventually did move out and did buy a house, I want to talk about our reasoning and experience living with my parents.

Moving Day, Brooklyn 2015

Our primary reason for moving back with them was to save money. Luckily, we saved quite a lot and that helped us transition to our new apartment and cover expenses related to our baby. As the baby's arrival approached, I was keen on moving out but my husband wanted to stay a bit longer and save a bit money. Looking back, that would not have been such a bad idea but I am glad we moved into our own space when S was born.

Surprisingly, or maybe not so much, living with my parents and brother was okay. It was better than okay, actually--it was a pretty neat experience. I hadn't seen them regularly over the previous couple years because we'd been living in Chicago so it was nice to spend quality time together. However, not having our own kitchen space was a downside and I had a constant nagging feeling of regression. After all, we’d gone from our apartment in a doorman building to my parents’ basement. Of course, I knew it was temporary and we were treated really well so we didn’t have any major qualms.

Ultimately, it was what worked best for our situation and I am grateful my parents were supportive enough to house us. That's the best thing about the situation -- knowing they're there for us whenever, wherever, and however. I hope I can be as good to my kids as they have been to me, my brother, and my husband.

Would or have you ever moved back with your folks?


  1. I think it's great that it worked out for a bit to move back in with your parents. I've never moved back in with my family but I don't think I would mind it if I had to.

  2. I lived with my in-laws during my husband's last deployment. We saved tons of money and were able to buy a house at the next duty station.