First Walk as a Family of Four

This post is sponsored by Baby Jogger but all opinions are mine.

Last week, the temperatures reached mid-80’s. It felt like summer at times. Now, here we are back in spring temps of 60’s-70’s.

I’m not complaining because the weather is still lovely but the drastic and constant change in temperatures has made my toddler sick again, which is a concern since we have a newborn at home.

Plus, my husband is also a bit sick again. So, he limits how much he interacts with and carries R, and we try to keep S away from him too but it’s impossible to keep them 100% apart when there’s only one of me — my husband returned to work this week. Wahhhhhh!

Back to last week, though... Tim added the car seat adapter to transform our  Baby Jogger City Select a double stroller and oh, how convenient it is! We love how many different configurations (over 16!) you can do with the stroller as a double.

Admittedly, it’s a bit more difficult  to navigate turns as a double but (and this is a BIG but) fortunately, it is not much heavier with the addition... something this recovering C-section mama really appreciates.

I just love having both my babies in one stroller and that it’s narrow enough to pass others while out and about. We have already received compliments on it, too!