Spring's Snowy Start

In case you didn't hear, a nor'easter (the 4th this month!) dumped 20" of snow on us here in Long Island. It was barely snowing all day Wednesday and then bam! Nighttime came and the snow was falling heavily. 

Despite my longing for springy weather of sun + 70s, I didn't really mind the snow. I mean, I don't have to shovel it (thanks hubs!) and it gave me two extra days at home with S this week. (Pictured below is him not-so-stealthily hiding in our pantry cupboard.)

Plus, when my husband and I woke up on Thursday morning to the unexpected mounds of snow, our backyard views were stunning... It looked like a winter wonderland. I have never lived somewhere with so many trees on the grounds and unfortunately, I don't know how many we will keep vs. remove for safety issues, but that morning all I could do was be in awe of it all. S even wanted to snap a few pics of his own ;) 

As I've alluded to this week, life has been a bit of a roller coaster of emotions lately- high highs and pretty low lows. Just looking at the snow while flurries were falling felt peaceful and allowed me to feel a sense of gratitude, something I never want to forget to feel. 

Thankfully, this weekend's forecast is pretty full of sun. Bye bye winter! Spring, you're up! 

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