Moments of Musing is ONE!

One year ago, I re-launched this blog, and launched my blog Instagram account and Facebook page! I can't believe it's been a whole year!

I was nervous and scared of what people, especially those I knew and non-bloggers, might think. I'd been blogging on the downlow for quite some time, so opening up this space to the public was a big step. I went back and forth about whether to do so while I was on maternity leave. 

I had time on my hands (while S napped and napped and napped some more) to jump back into writing, and I enjoyed it. I had so much that I wanted to say about my new role as a mom because it was the most life-changing experience I'd been through. (It still is.) I hoped others might enjoy my words, too, but more than that, I hoped I could help others feel less alone and more optimistic.

My son is the main reason I built the confidence to go public because becoming his mom empowered me beyond measure. My husband (#instagramhusband) and brother (#brotog) helped me with re-branding and when all was set, I decided to finally do it--to give into vulnerability and let others into my writing space and thoughts. 

This past year has been a lot of fun. Everyone has been so kind and gracious. I have a small community I can go to for all things Instagram and blogging, which I've found to be key to my success. 

It's been a year of growth and change, much learning, and even more love. I am really looking forward to what the future holds. 

Thank you ALL for your love and support and for being along for the journey! xoxo

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  1. Happy 1 year!!! It's definitely gone by fast. You have done so much in that time. :)