Maternity Shoot Thoughts, Part 2

Up until pretty recently, I had not really given maternity photos a thought this time around. It's not so different than last time (I almost skipped them, too) except this time, it's not for the same reasons. As my pregnancy has progressed, it feels like my to-do list has grown, too. 

Our March is pretty booked up and quite frankly, I know my husband and S don't want to sit through a photo shoot. So, I'm saving them the "hassle" for our newborn family shoot because I think those are more important to capture. 

Last pregnancy, we took maternity photos but opted to take our own newborn photos. Deep down, I always wished we'd done the opposite so that's what we have decided to do this time. Ask my husband--I only voiced this to him about 50 times. 

So, I decided to follow my heart and do what I wished I'd done last time. I think you should do the same--do whatever makes you feel most comfortable and beautiful. If that's a professional photo shoot, great. If that's a self-captured photo shoot, great. I do still agree with my previous thoughts that this special time ought to be captured.

Yesterday, on a total whim, I took my own maternity photos. They're a different vibe (more intimate) this time around and honestly, I LOVE how they turned out. As for our newborn family session, we've booked a photographer and I couldn't be more excited for that session!

Here are some (cropped) sneak peeks: