A Postpartum Fear

I'm scared. 

There. I said it. 

With my first pregnancy, I was also scared -- of what could go wrong with just about everything. This time, I'm not as afraid of all that. I have faith all will go well. (Though I am still a bit fearful of giving birth...)

Now, I have a different fear--the baby blues. I'm scared to feel that weird/strange/unfamiliar feeling postpartum. I don't want to cry and not know why, or feel badly that I'm not as happy as I feel like I should feel 100% of the time. 

I'm hoping I won't get the baby blues since motherhood won't be a brand new experience. But then again, motherhood to two, and becoming a mom to Baby #2 will be. 

If I do get that feeling again, thought, at least it won't be unfamiliar. I will know it is normal. I will know I'm okay, and that it will pass. And I will know I will be just fine. Regardless, I know it will all be worth it... Here's to hoping my hormones will bounce back fairly quickly like they did after S was born. 

Ah, motherhood. :)

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  1. Sending lots of hugs your way during this time! <3