A 35-Week Bumpdate

This post is sponsored by Pink Blush but all opinions are my own.

Happy Bumpday! It's hard to believe we're in the final stretch of this pregnancy. I am so ready and excited to meet our baby boy and introduce him to his amazing big brother, S. What better day than bumpday to give a bumpdate?

Weeks: 35 -- nearly 9 months down, just 1 to go!


Name: We have a name picked (I love it!) but we won't be announcing until birth ;)

Feeling: A bit tired, emotional, and a lot of pain and pressure at times

Wearing: Leggings and maternity clothes - This beautiful Pink Blush dress is one that fits comfortably while pregnant but I bought it for Mother's Day to match my boys' outfits (ah!!) so I will be wearing it postpartum... As I've said, a lot of Pink Blush's clothes can be worn by pregnant and not pregnant women so ladies, check it out. :)

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