5 on Friday: City Life Faves

Happy Friday! When my husband and I decided to move our family from Brooklyn to Long Island, we didn't really think twice. That's mainly because Brooklyn real estate is pricey and because we, especially my husband, we're excited to raise our kids in the suburbs.

Admittedly, while I am happy with our decision to move from the city to the burbs, it has been quite the adjustment and there are still some things I miss about city life (overcrowdedness and constantly being in a rush not included):


In Brooklyn, we had SIDEWALKS. Now, we have limited sidewalks so our walks are spent partly in the street. We lived around the corner from so many stores, a few blocks from the train and a playground. Up the block from us was "the avenue." That's what people in the city call avenues that have stores and such.  There were bodegas (similar to delis), pizzerias, take out restaurants, a diner, a library and so on. 

I have grown really fond of wall art and murals. It's a neat way to dress up plain neighborhood walls, and it seems they've become more popular. Even my parents' residential neighborhood has a couple murals!

Everyone in my family still lives in Brooklyn so we often find ourselves back there visiting them or attending events for special occasions. I wish they made the move with us... my husband and I are still working on convincing my parents ;)

Public transportation
I don't love the MTA. It's constantly delayed, overcrowded and dirty but it is very efficient, runs pretty frequently and relatively inexpensive. The LIRR is nicer but it is a lot more expensive and runs less often. 

As of now (this could change come summer), I feel like Brooklyn is more upbeat and lively. That could be because there is a constant hustle and bustle. I also feel like I saw my neighbors more in the city because a lot were walking around and such. Now, everyone drives so neighbors come and go about their business with little interaction. 

As I said, this is not to say I don't enjoy living in the suburbs becaus I do! Check back next week for my favorite things (so far) about living outside of the city. 


  1. You can always visit the city whenever you want. The best of both worlds! I'm a city girl myself, but also live in the 'burbs. Would you ever consider moving back?

  2. I am loving the wall art and murals! They are so amazing.