5 Happiness Writing Prompts

Life is emotional right now and my writing motivation is pretty nonexistent because of it.

I find myself feeling extreme emotions of happiness and sadness (I sort of touched on why here) but I am trying my best to channel my excitement and positive thoughts for S and to stay healthy (mentally and physically) for the remainder of my pregnancy.

If you, too, are dealing with writer's block for whatever reason, I have something for you: Five Happiness Writing Prompts. My hope is these will help you channel your own happiness and spread it to your readers, too.

1. Happy Because ...
     • Reasons (people, places and/or things) you are happy today

2. Spreading Happiness
     • Ways to make others happy -- think acts of kindness

3. Favorite Happiness Quotes
     • Quotes that make you smile

4. How to Channel Happiness
     • How to let yourself feel happy despite whatever trials and tribulations you've experienced

5. Happiness is...
     • What happiness means to you and why

If you use any or these, let me know. I'd love to read your posts.

To be honest, I couldn't get myself to write even when prompted but I hope you can. If you still don't have the motivation to write either, then maybe just think about your responses to these prompts. Thinking happy thoughts helps.


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