To Have a Baby Sprinkle or Not...

This post is sponsored by Pink Blush. All opinions are my own.

That was the question.

When we found out we were pregnant again, we had so much going on that having a big baby shower like I did last pregnancy was the last thing on my mind. Plus, it's another boy. I toyed with the idea of a baby sprinkle but because we were so busy, I kept putting off making a decision about whether to have one or not.

When my best friend (who's also my cousin and S' godmom) kept asking whether I wanted a sprinkle, I spoke to my husband about it because I wasn't sure and I was stressed with the move. He thought we should celebrate this pregnancy and Baby #2. I agreed but I did/do not have the time nor energy to plan anything. So, I took my cousin up on her offer to plan it. I sent her some of my pins from my Pinterest board and I was done with the planning on my end.

I also made the decision not to make a public registry like I did for S. Since this baby is another boy, we have much of what we will need (clothing, strollers, car seat, etc.) so it did not seem necessary to register for baby items. Even if it were a girl, we'd still have basically everything but girly clothes. I mean, we already have four diaper bags, three strollers, two car seats, and countless clothes!

What more do we need? Diapers. So that's what I've asked for in lieu of traditional presents. If people are feeling extra generous, they are also able to contribute to the baby's Cord Blood Registry fund. The sprinkle will be at our home so it will be more low key and intimate than my baby shower.

When it came to figure out what to wear, this pretty floral wrap dress was a front-runner. It is bright multi-colored, flattering and so comfortable. Plus, like much of Pink Blush's clothing, it seems like it can be worn as non-maternity, too. If you're in the market for maternity clothing that is chic, trendy and not frumpy, I can't recommend Pink Blush enough.


  1. I think Sprinkles are totally appropriate if the second baby is a different gender. Love that dress. You looked super cute!

  2. It is so much fun to celebrate a new life whether it is the first baby or the 10th. I love showing my kids how many people came to celebrate their additions to this world. And you are totally right... its not about what you receive but instead that moment in time to celebrate. Congratulations!! That dress is beautiful.

  3. Congratulations!! And that dress looks great on you!

  4. I think a sprinkle is such a smart idea!!! :) I know several friends who have done the time and all they asked for was diapers.