Sprinkled with Love

On Saturday, our families "sprinkled" us with love. Some people didn't know the symbolism behind "sprinkle." For those of you who don't either, it's similar to a baby shower in that it is a celebration of a pregnancy/ expectant mom.

The difference is it is usually for a second, third, etc. baby whereas a baby shower is for the first. Because of that, and because the expectant parents have a lot of baby items already, guests sprinkle --instead of shower-- them with presents instead.

My cousin/ sister/best friend Trish went above and beyond putting the decor together. She had help from my cousin and aunts -- they did such a great job. Everything was so cute. Without further ado, here are some photos:


  1. I love this! What a special way to celebrate your sweet baby boy.

  2. I love all your sprinkle desserts and sprinkle favors! Congratulations again!