Self Care as a Mom

This post is sponsored by Luxe & Co. but all opinions are my own. 

When I became a mom, my self care quickly fell to the waste-side. I was tired and overwhelmed but more than that, I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my new baby. I'm sure this is common among moms. 

In my 20 months of motherhood, I've gotten only three manicure/pedicures (one for a wedding in which I was a bridesmaid), one hair cut, and two hairstyles (one for that same wedding). I haven't even used my spa day my husband gifted me last Mother's Day...

It's easy to get caught up taking care of my baby and prioritizing his needs while sometimes forgetting to take care of my own. Plus, as a full-time working (away from home) mom, taking even more time away to do things like a manicure just feels selfish -- but not rightfully so. 

Over time, I've made it a point to do things here and there for my mental health (work from home days, vacations, eating healthy(ish), working out, dinners with a girlfriend(s), and writing). But I want to make indulging in beauty self care more of a priority, especially with another little one on the way. I'm sure I'll really need it then. 

This past Saturday, I took the opportunity to indulge and went to Luxe & Co. in Babylon, New York for a wash and blowout. It is a chic and intimate blow dry bar that offers great service. 

Upon entering, the cute decor caught my eye. The space felt warm and inviting, and the women were welcoming. I was was offered water, coffee or tea, and my bag was put away for me. I opted for a mix between the Louis Vuitton and Dior blowouts -- basically wavy with some volume, and was really happy with the result. 

It felt great to be pampered and relax for a bit prior to our Baby Sprinkle. My husband even commented that I seemed happier and more chipper when I got home, and I believe it. Simply put, I loved my blowout and the time for myself. Plus, it only took an hour to get it done and be back home. (The time felt even shorter because it was so easy to chat with my sweet stylist.)

As time goes on, I'm realizing more and more that taking care of myself allows me to be my best self and mom. If you're in need of some self care, don't think twice. (If you're in the area, visit Luxe & Co.!)

Mama, you deserve it. 

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  1. Self care is so important! It's something that all women should do, we can't take care of others if we aren't taking care of ourselves.