New-Fashioned Mom

You know that saying "Out with the old, in with the new"? Well, that's exactly what myself; Julie from The Drifting Anchor; Stefanie from Not The Typical Mom and Rachael from Sandy Toes & Stilletos are doing!

Each week, we will discuss a topic and how our perceptions and/or experiences regarding it have changed--or not--since becoming moms. This week, the topic is Beauty & Fashion.

Tune in TODAY to my Facebook page to watch me live at 12PM EST. I'll be discussing how my perceptions of beauty and fashion have changed for the better despite the body changes I've gone through during my motherhood journey so far. It's my first time going live, EVER, so I am both nervous and excited!

For some background, here are prior posts of mine that touch on these topics:

See you at noon!

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