5 on Friday: Postpartum Swimsuit Wish List

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I don't know about you but I've been dreaming about vacation. Since I am creeping on 31 weeks pregnant, though, I am not getting on a plane any time soon. It sort of makes me sad. Last year, it felt like we were on the go a lot towards the end (Disney World, California and Michigan) so it has been nice to stay put for a little while... however, now that it has been a little while I want to be on a plane and headed to a beautiful beach.

I am hoping we can road trip somewhere before our next big vacation in September but if not, there is always summer. We live in a town with private beaches and pools so I plan to take advantage of that. While dreaming of said summer, I have come across one piece swimsuits that I think would flatter my -- and others' -- postpartum bodies.

I got a lot of questions about the above suit I wore last year in Puerto Rico so I figured I'd share my picks for this year's swim suit season:

What do you think? I'll be sharing some two-pieces (high waist bottoms) soon!

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