Preparing for Baby #2

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One of the biggest differences between my two pregnancies has been my feelings of anxiety. During my first pregnancy, I had so many fears and concerns. Every little feeling of soreness or pain worried me. I thought about the worst case scenario far too often, especially during the first trimester, when the chance of miscarriage is the greatest.

This pregnancy, I feel a whole lot more laid back. I think being sick for a lot longer kind of pushed my worries aside. I knew my body was reacting to a pregnancy and that was sort of reassuring. I also just feel more confident in my body this time. It was able to carry and grow our first baby, so I have faith it can do the same this time.

The thing about feeling super laid back this time is that I've been really laid back about preparation. While the bassinet and crib have been put together since we moved into our house, that's basically all that we've done to prepare for his arrival thus far. 

Recently, my sister-in-law gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and it has gotten me so excited for our bundle to join us in the world. It's a good thing I'm pregnant already because if not, I'd definitely have baby fever. Heck, I have baby fever now due to the anticipation of meeting our littler guy! We only have three months to go!

One of the first things I have started doing to prepare for his arrival is look for his "coming home" outfit and matching outfits for he and S. There something about baby clothes that just gets me.

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How cute are these little outfits?

This outfit would be perfect for a night out with your little one -- it looks stylish but still comfy.

This romper is trendy with the folded-up sleeves and pant legs but still comfy for your little one to lounge in. It comes in mustard and pink colors. 

This lounger could be great for a day outfit or as pajamas -- it also comes in white.

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Now, next up to prepare for Baby #2 is figuring out how to design his side of the room!

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