Blog + Instagram Goals 2018

When the new year comes around, I make personal goals -- this year, I decided to also put my blog and Instagram goals into writing. My hope is this will hold me accountable and maybe even help them manifest into reality. 

Blog Goals

  1. Continue creating authentic content. 
  2. Work on meaningful projects and collaborations. 
  3. Expand my reach -- with both audience and brands.

Instagram Goals

  1. Get back to a more colorful feed theme. 
  2. Grow my account to reach more people and brands. 
  3. Meaningfully and successfully "revive" my #momentsofmusing project. 

*I also have numerical goals (X number of page views, X number of followers, X in profit) but I've decided to keep those private.

Do you make personal and professional goals for the year, or just one or the other?


  1. These are great goals! Especially when it comes to creating authentic content, that is definitely what people want to see.

  2. These are great goals! Never sacrifice good content! Always keep producing quality over quantity

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