Favorite Posts of 2017

Last year, I walked you all down memory lane with my Through the Years post. I enjoyed looking back and reflecting upon old posts and figured it'd be a good traditional post to write at the end of each year.

This year, my blog transformed. Both the name and space look very different than they ever have. I have taken on more work through my blog and my Instagram, which is connected to this space, and I have "met" many great people. It's been quite a year.

Here are my favorite posts from 2017:

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Disney World with a Toddler

One Year Later: My Return-to-Work Reflections

When he reaches for my hand...

Fall 2017 Family Photos

We Bought a House!

We've Been Keeping a Secret

Baby #2 is a ...

Here is my Instagram Best Nine. It seems like motherhood is the running and most popular theme:

And with that, I am checking out until 2018!

Thank you for reading and following along. I hope you have wonderful and safe New Year celebrations.