5 on Friday: December 2017

1. It. Is. December. How'd this happen?! I do not know. We're in for a big and busy month and despite my dread of a lack of slowness sometimes, it's my favorite time of year and it'll be full of much joy. (Don't forget to enter my Threadtank giveaway over on my Instagram--today's the last day to do so!) Oh, and how about my new blog design? New month, almost new year, new look!

2. We recently ordered and received our Christmas cards and I love them. Can't wait to share them with you!

3. We move out of our apartment this weekend -- and despite me being super excited, it is bittersweet boding farewell to our first place together in NY and to the place we brought our firstborn home to. These walls hold such amazing memories and I hope the next renters get to experience the same.

4. Life is so weird and hard and funny and great and amazing. Things just seem to work out how they're meant to and that just always astonishes me.

5. I am excited to get into Christmas mode. Aside from listening to Christmas music, I haven't done any shopping or decoration. I'm hoping to change that ASAP.

Wishing you a very Merry December!

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  1. I had to order more Christmas cards haha! I missed an entire address list.