5 on Friday: Fall 2017

1. I'm obsessed with the ruffled and bell sleeve trends going on right now. When I saw this sweatshirt I had to have it. It seems my husband, brother and little cousin don't agree. When I saw each of them (separately), the first thing they asked was, "What are you wearing?"

2. Did I ever tell you all that it took me about a year to reach (or go slightly under) my pre-baby weight? I will admit I felt great for most of the year, which is probably why I didn't kick my butt into high gear until this past summer. 

3. Our weekends have been jam packed. I recently alluded to this on my Instagram. We've been running around like crazy, for an exciting reason! I'll divulge more on that soon... but it may or may not have to do with an upcoming move. ;)

4. We leave for Michigan next week and I'm so excited. I think the foliage will be so pretty and seeing family is always a treat.

5. We had to reschedule our family photo shoot last weekend to this weekend due to rain. The forecast this weekend looks promising so I'm excited. 

Have a great weekend!

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