Back from our First Ever Parents-Only Getaway

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that my husband and I got back on Tuesday from a weekend getaway in California (L.A. area to be exact) to attend to the beautiful wedding of one of my sorority sisters.  The weekend was amazing and turned out to be one I didn't know I needed.  

You see, before we got pregnant, my blog and social media used to be chock full of cheesy pics and posts about my husband. Since parenthood, our priorities have shifted a bit/lot but one priority remains: us. Though leaving our little one home was difficult (I might or might not have cried when we left him + on the plane...), this trip has been just what we needed to fall in love some more. After all, I don't ever want to forget to prioritize one another and our marriage. If we thrive, so too will our little family we've created.

We spoke about our son --to one another and to others -- often. But we also had our fair share of laughs and experiences, though I still cried in the airport on the day we were coming back home because I just missed our son so darn much... 

All in all, the weekend was full of fun times with my husband, sorority sisters and their husbands and fiancé ... but we still rushed home to our babe from the airport last night because #parentlife. :) 

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