Five on Friday: Top 5 Memories of my 28th Year

Guess whose birthday is tomorrow?! This girl's. My birthday has always been a favorite day of mine because I'm living a life I love.

Here are my top 5 memories from my 28th year:

1. Watching my baby boy grow and develop. Nothing brings me more joy. 

2. Our firsts -- first holidays as a family of three, and Seb's 1st birthday and first vacation.  

3. Being closer with family. Our NY family is so supportive and helpful. And our Michigan family still manages to remain close despite the distance. Reuniting with them is so fun. Having our baby cousins tribe together a few times in both Michigan and NYC were definitely highlights.

4. Seeing my husband become a dad. Marriage is way different now but our love is way stronger. 

5. Finally letting go and opening up about my blog. Much has happened since then, including my growth as a mom and person, and the community of moms I've connected with is amazing. 

Thanks, 28. You were amazing. Here's looking at you, 29!