5 Reasons to Travel with Your Kid(s)

"Travel while you're younger. You won't get to travel when you have kids." I read and heard that often. That life changes drastically--it does-- and that everything you once did will change, as well--it does. But that doesn't mean those hobbies have to end.

As a lover of travel, one of my concerns was that it would end after we have kids but my husband reassured me that did not have to be the case. And he was right. I'm so glad we've traveled with our babe (he's been on six flights in just over a year) and hope to give him a lifetime of family vacation memories. 

Parents have told me they enjoy travel more now because they get to see the way their children enjoy it. I have to say I wholeheartedly agree. 

In case you're on the fence about traveling with your little one(s), here are some reasons to just go:

1. To see the world through their eyes. You'll get to see the wonder and the amazement at life's littlest treasures, perhaps many of which you've taken for granted

2. To be a kid again. You will get to feel the excitement of a first swim or first character encounter as if it's your first experience as well, after all it is your first time experiencing it as their parent

3. To refresh, reset and relax -- together. Life gets busy and hectic. Take time together to just be and enjoy one another's presence.

4. Because kids benefit from vacation, too. It makes them happier, it's better than toys, and it might even help with brain development!

5. To make memories. Memory making will always outweigh the money it costs to travel and the stress of it, too. Memories are invaluable. 


  1. yes!!!!! Traveling shouldn't stop when you have kids, it just becomes more an amazing adventure!

  2. I agree I love finding new places to explore with my girls as a family and having them meet new people and places

  3. Definitely! I love traveling as well and even though I'm only 18, I really do agree with your post.. and one day I'm going to do exactly the same when I have kids