Thursday Thoughts: Success, Phone-free + the Office

It's been a busy few days for me but I finally feel relaxed. My guys have helped keep me grounded and motivated, for sure.

The past few days, I've had he chance to do much self-reflection. It's funny how life experiences put things into perspective. 

Success can include failures.
I know failure is a part of life but I want to succeed at every thing I do. A big reason for this is making my child(ren) proud. I want them to have a great role model in me and to have a good enough foundation to help them exceed my and my husband's own achievements. That being said, I know I am not perfect and I am working to be less hard on myself. Motherhood has helped put so many things into perspective for me, and this is a really big one for me.

Cell phone-free is the way to be.
I haven't had my cell phone with me or used it much this week. And boy, does it feel freeing. I have not been consumed by social media or texts. I have been able to look up and around while walking. I even read a magazine on the subway for the first time in what felt like forever. Sadly, I was just about the only one not looking at a cell phone. 

I will admit I did feel a little nervous because I'm a parent now. I thought about what would happen in case of an emergency:
"They know where I am. They could just call and locate me and I'd leave in a hurry." 
I don't know what it is-- the fear of another 9/11 or just my own bit of anxiety/paranoia--but those thoughts crossed my mind.

The working outside of the home dilemma isn't a bad one to have
I've been fortunate to have worked from home for much of the past week so I'm excited to get back to the office today. As much as I love being home, I also enjoy working. I suppose that is the dilemma of every mom who works outside of the home. Not a bad one to have, though. There are women around the world who wish they could go to school and work -- and here we are, doing it all. 

This post of mine touches on a lot of this. 

Happy Almost-Weekend!


  1. I've been more conscious about my cell phone use. I only use it when E is down for a nap or late at night. It's really nice.

  2. These are some great points and I can actually relate even though I'm not a mom! I have recently begun to appreciate my failures. When I think about it, the things I remember most from school are the lessons I failed at first, questions on tests I got wrong, etc. Failing is definitely a positive because that's when we see the most growth!

    I just got back from Cuba where we couldn't use our cell phones at all. It was so freeing! And a great reminder how important it is to connect in real life. Love the cute matching shoes photo, by the way!!