Good for You, and Good for Me

I think we're socialized to think the world is all me vs. you... and it's no different in blog or social media land. We compare and compete as if there isn't space for everyone to succeed. News flash: there is.

Just as there will likely be someone doing better, there will also be someone doing worse. Learn from the top performer. Ask questions. Seek answers. Let her be your motivation. Mentor the lower performer. Give advice. Be a resource. Motivate her. 

Because we can all succeed. And you can and should be happy about someone else's success while still celebrating your own. I mean, how crappy would it be to constantly be down on yourself while achieving your own milestones? Doing so isn't going to get you anywhere. 

Jealousy won't either. 

So, celebrate everyone, including yourself. Success doesn't happen overnight--not for anyone. And often there are behind the scene failures you don't even know about. Find your niche and brand, and kick ass owning it.

Stop comparing. Start d o i n g.


  1. I LOVE THIS!! So important. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    xo, Taylor || The Millennial Sprinkle (

  2. I love this so much. It's so true!

  3. What I love so much about this is the fact that it's not just about blogging or money, but everything we do in general. It's simple and straight to the point...awesome job!!!!