First Birthday Week Thoughts

It's Monday morning and if you're new around here, please know you won't find me wallowing about it being Monday. New week, new beginning. That's my motto. ...If you're not new, there's your 82737th reminder that I'm kinda sorta a Monday person.

Anyway, I'm feeling extra recharged today. 
It could be: (a) S falling asleep at 8:30PM. (b) the summertime sunshine -- I'm not kidding. I love this stuff. (c) the big week we have! S turns 1 year old! (d) all of the above

As for my babe's upcoming birthday, we had a little birthday photo shoot and OMG I'm obsessed. With the photos but moreso him. 

I thought I'd be really sad in the days leading up to it. But I dunno--I'm actually pretty pumped. I feel like this is LIFE. We WANT to see him grow and develop and be a healthy human. Right?? So what's there to be sad about? Sure, I can't cradle him in the crook of my arm but he still snuggles. And he calls me Mama and holds my hand. There are big pros to watching him grow. 

This really is a big milestone. The first year! We did it. All 3 of us. My husband and I have survived our first year of parenting -- it's not easy, in general or on a marriage -- and our boy is reaching his first year of life on the outside! 

Maybe I'll cry as I fall asleep on his birthday eve? Maybe I won't. 

Basically, what I'm saying is the best way to describe this time is bittersweet. But it's much, much sweeter than it is bitter. And, as you can see, I'm trying my best to be positive so I don't turn into a messy mush of a mama. I just want to be happy and excited. (Even though I do feel like the year could have not gone by so fast sheesh...)

Cheers (mocktail for me) to that!

P.S. Boy, did it feel refreshing to write a "normal" not-so-cohesive life post/tangent. I miss the blogging days when that was the norm. If you do too, feel free to check out my archives--it's chock full of those posts. 

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