A Letter to my Little Love (Excerpts)

Happy June! AKA Summer month!

Things I can not believe:
  • It is already JUNE.
  • It is my baby's birthday month.
  • He will be one-year-old in a few weeks.
  • I have been a mom for almost one year.

I may or may not have cried about all of the above a few times already, with many more tears to be shed this month. I'm not ashamed to admit that... I'm an emotional person, okay?

In honor of his upcoming birthday, I've decided to share excerpts from a letter I wrote him around the time I returned back to work from maternity leave:
To my little love, 
You, my boy, have given me so much to live for. At the age of 27.9 years, I'd thought I was pretty grown up. Then you came, silently at first but then screeching, into my life and you've taught me more about myself, life and love than I ever thought was possible. And I'm still learning... 
I am writing this now because I have recently gone back to work, and I never, ever want you to think it is because I didn't want to spend my days with you. Actually, I want that more than anything. And while I do enjoy working, which gives me guilt, I hope you'll grow to be proud and independent because of the example I'm setting. 
And so, here I am, writing a letter of gratitude to you. Because I am so grateful for all you've brought into my life--and I'm hopeful this is just the very beginning of a long, long life together. 
You, my boy, made me a mommy. Your mom. In doing so, you've made my dream come true. 
I know our journey has just begun and one day you might be joined by other siblings (don't worry, they'll be your best friends) and our routine will probably grow hectic. But in both tough times--heartbreak, sorrow, disappointment--and happy times--success, triumph, celebration--I want you to always remember that life is a beautiful thing. After all, it gave us you.  
I love you. I love you. I love you.  
~ Mama


  1. How is he already almost 1!!! Gosh, time has flown by.

  2. So sweet. It's horrible how we feel guilt for not spending every moment with our kids, especially when we enjoy it. I think time away makes us even better parents, and we have to do what works for our situation. Enjoy the birthday month.